Can Trubisky top 3,000 yards next year?
Mon, 29 Jan 2018 22:48:20 GMT
Interesting question, Neil. I've been covering the Bears since 1992, so that includes literally hundreds of players. I would agree that Tarik Cohen is excellent; definitely at or near the top of the list on the current team. He's very funny and creative, and he's comfortable in front of the media, which is kind of surprising given that he's a rookie from a small college. A few others from the past who come to mind include defensive tackle Steve McMichael (very funny and slightly profane), quarterback Jim Miller (honest, humorous and genuine) and safety Mike Brown (didn't talk much, but when he did it was very impactful).

How many touchdowns did Brian Urlacher score in his career with the Bears?

Peter W.
Jacksonville, Florida
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