Will Howard see any preseason action?
Thu, 10 Aug 2017 16:09:07 GMT

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of questions from fans on ChicagoBears.com.

I know some teams don't play their star running backs much if at all in the preseason. Do you know whether Jordan Howard will see any action? I'd hate to see him get hurt.

Danny G.
Midlothian, Illinois

I'm sure Jordan Howard won't get too many preseason reps, but the plan is definitely to play him to help him get ready for the regular season. Here's what coach John Fox had to say about playing Howard in the preseason: "You've got to remember he hasn't done this since January, so we wouldn't just throw him out there Sept. 10 for the first time. It won't be a lot, but just to get his timing down and get a feel for the game. It
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