What is Bears record on Thanksgiving?
Thu, 23 Nov 2017 19:19:50 GMT
Special-teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers didn’t have a problem with Tarik Cohen’s decision to bring that kickoff out of the end zone. He caught it five yards deep and returned it 22 yards to the 17, a play that took :04 off the clock late in the game. Said Rodgers: “We have different yard marks that in certain games bringing it our five, six, deep [is OK] and in other games, ‘Hey, if it’s in the end zone, let’s not bring it out.’ Sometimes it depends on the return based on what we have called. If the ball is kicked in the end zone opposite of where we’d like it to be, where a play is not going to work as well as what we practiced [the returner should not bring it out]. That play was disappointing because we didn’t execute it. It had nothing to do with Tarik. There was some space on that
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