Is offense better with Cohen involved?
Tue, 21 Nov 2017 20:47:45 GMT
like there's a correlation there.

Why weren't Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen and Adam Shaheen on the field during the Bears' last drive against the Lions? They are probably the top three playmakers on offense.

Paul H.
Carmel, Indiana

Jordan Howard is replaced by Benny Cunningham in those situations because the Bears feel that Cunningham is better at picking up blitzes and catching the ball out of the backfield. As for Tarik Cohen and Adam Shaheen, both are inexperienced rookies who don't yet possess the same knowledge of the game as their veteran teammates. Here's what coach John Fox had to say when asked why Cohen and Shaheen weren't on the field on the Bears' final drive: "Every one of those guys that's out there is a veteran guy who's been in football for some time. The fact that you don't
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