Who will be Urlacher's HOF presenter?
Tue, 13 Feb 2018 17:59:37 GMT
I saw the video of you in Brian Urlacher’s hotel room when he found out he was voted into the Hall of Fame. What was that experience like? Was he nervous?

Paul K.
Bloomington, Illinois

It was a very humbling and amazing experience and I’m very grateful and thankful to Brian for allowing me to be there with him and his family. It was a standard hotel room, so it was pretty cramped. Brian was there with his wife, three children, agent and two friends. I was in there for about two hours with our cameraman, while our social media director and photographer were out in the hallway. Brian seemed pretty relaxed most of the time, watching a golf tournament on TV and chatting with everyone in the room. He was very welcoming to me and our cameraman. It seemed like Brian started to get nervous about 15
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