Which Bears players will make Pro Bowl?
Thu, 14 Dec 2017 21:11:36 GMT
Hicks has been the heart and soul of the Bears defense all season, leading the unit with seven sacks and 14 tackles-for-loss. He could be hurt by the fact that he has not recorded a sack in his last five games, however. But that probably has more to do with him getting double- and tripled-teamed by opponents.

It seems like the Bears always win the coin toss. What is their record in coin tosses this year?

David H.
Bolingbrook, Illinois

The Bears have won 16 of 19 coin tosses this season, a pretty remarkable feat. That includes all four in the preseason, 10 of 13 during the regular season and two in overtime this year.

How have the Bears fared when facing a quarterback for the second time in a season (like they will this weekend against the Lions’ Matthew Stafford) under John Fox?

Ralph J.
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